Our concept

The foundation of Karessa's operations is a patented drug delivery platform in the form of an alignate-based polymer film. The film, which can be likened to a postage stamp, is applied discreetly to the oral mucosa and through it the drug is then rapidly delivered out into the bloodstream. The film then dissolves without leaving any residues in the mouth.

Fast, stable and reliable

From a medical perspective, this provides the possibility of fast, stable and reliable delivery. For the individual patient, the combination means a faster and more stable effect than today's preparations. Since the drug goes straight out into the blood, the time to effect is very tangibly reduced, which reduces the need for planning and a time margin. The effect is not either affect by the contemporaneous consumption of food and drink.

undefinedFor Karessa as a company, the combination means a shorter time to market, lower development costs and reduced risk compared with traditional drug development. Because the molecules and their effects are well known to the world's medicinal products authorities, only limited studies are required in order to show how much of the active substance is delivered within a certain time interval. The film's technical characteristics also enable large-scale and cost-effective production. Karessa currently works with one pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in France specialised in film manufacture.


Today there are only a few orally dissolving drug delivery films on the market and in addition, a handful of drug delivery films under development that are known to the Company. Most of these films dissolve much faster than Karessa's. When a film dissolves to rapidly, absorption through the oral mucosa suffers. What is unique about Karessa's technology lies in the combination of a film that attaches well to the oral mucosa and, at the same time has a dissolving rate that enables as rapid and complete transport as possible of the active substance directly into the bloodstream.

Exclusive license

The technology behind Karessa’s drug delivery film is patented. The patent (Swedish patent no. 0502900-4) is owned by Uppsalagruppen Medical AB, and is exclusive for the remainder of the period of validity of the patent, and is licensed without restrictions to the Company with regard to critical molecules in the area of sexual dysfunction. The Company will pay no royalties or any type of future milestone payment for the license, but must pay the costs related to maintaining the patent.

The basic patent on the film along with the unique product profile constitute protection on major markets, which makes Karessa an interesting partner in cooperation for a variety of established pharmaceutical companies.