Karessa K21 midazolam via buccal film

Midazolam belongs to the group of benzodiazepines which contains many substances with partly different profile. Generally, these drugs have an effect on tension and anxiety. Some have more sedative and muscle relaxant effects, some as antispasmodic in epilepsy attacks.

Midazolam provides benefits as it has a short duration which means it is quickly eliminated from the body. This gives great advantages in connection with initiatives where you want quick results but with short duration.

Midazolam is used where you want antispasmodic, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant and / or slightly sedating effects. Midazolam has become a drug used in epilepsy attacks in children and where there is a drug registered but which is, however, relatively complicated to use. Furthermore, midazolam is standard in connection with anxiety and anxiety prior to dental visits or minor surgical procedures.

In Karessa project K21, midazolam is developed on the patented transbuckal drug delivery platform, which means that the patient receives the substance in a new unique form of administration with absorption from the oral mucosa directly to the bloodstream. The patient receives a rapid, safe and effective treatment of the problems.

The patent application is being prepared for project K21. Work on developing a stable platform has begun and preclinical phase is expected to be initiated in the spring of 2019.


Last updated January 3, 2019