Faster and more reliable effect compared with oral tablets

Drugs and other substances that are delivered into the bloodstream via the oral mucosa are taken up considerably faster (and thus provide a faster effect) than is the case for delivery via tablets or capsules that are swallowed. It also offers a more reliable and discreet form of delivery than tablets and other delivery systems such as nasal sprays and orally dissolving tablets.

More effective

That the drug is delivered via the mucous membrane in the mouth also avoids contact with the metabolic enzymes in the lower gastrointestinal tract and the liver, which otherwise reduce or completely eliminate the effect of a significant proportion of medicinal products that are delivered via oral tablets or capsules.

No impact from food or drink

Since the drug is delivered straight out into the bloodstream, and does not need to pass stomach, the time to uptake is not either affected by the contemporaneous consumption of food and alcohol or other beverages – which otherwise can make a large difference.



Combining Karessa's patented drug delivery platform in the form of a film with proven, safe and known substances generates significant benefits for the patient.