Dividend policy

The size of any future dividends to the shareholders in Karessa is dependent on a number of factors, such as profit, financial position, cash flow and need for working capital. Only after long-term profitability can be foreseen will dividends to shareholders be payable. In the next few years, dividends are not anticipated to be applicable since all available funds will be used for continued expansion. A decision on distribution of profits is made by the annual general meeting and payment is effected by Euroclear. Those who are registered as a shareholder in the share register maintained by Euroclear on the record day for dividends decided by the annual general meeting are entitled to dividends.

Dividends are normally paid as a cash amount per share, but may also consist of payments in other than cash, such as distribution in kind. If the shareholder cannot be reached to receive dividends, the shareholder’s claim on the Company persists, and is limited only by the general rules relating to limitation on claims. Should the limitation period expire, the full amount accrues to the Company. Karessa does not apply any restrictions or special procedures with regard to cash dividends to shareholders residing outside of Sweden. With the exception of any limitations deriving from bank and clearing systems, payment is effected in the same way as for shareholders resident in Sweden. However, for shareholders who are not resident for tax purposes in Sweden, normal Swedish coupon tax is payable