Unique administration of drugs with large patient benefits

Karessa is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that aims to revolutionise the market for medicinal products through innovation and a patented drug delivery platform..

Our medicinal products will not be taken in tablet form, but will instead be delivered directly into the bloodstream via a film that is applied discreetly to the oral mucosa. The main advantages for the patient include a faster and more reliable effect compared with today's preparations.

Our business model is based on combining proven, effective and approved substances with our own patented drug delivery platform. Through this combination, we are  generating significant benefits, both for the patient and for Karessa itself. For Karessa as a company, the combination means a shorter time to market, lower development costs and reduced risk compared with traditional drug development.

The plattform

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Analysguiden May, 2017
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Press releases

  • 12/28/2018

    Karessa – new research and development area

    Karessa Pharma Holding AB (Publ) has received an exclusive license from Uppsalagruppen Medical AB for development of preparations within the benzodiazepine group based on the patented transbuccal drug delivery platform. The objective is with limited contributions develop a prioritized product including preclinical phase, thereafter, finalizing agreements with partners for further development. This means the company will expand to further development area except erectile dysfunction.

  • 1/28/2018

    Karessa Pharma announces today that the company's license has been reinforced through patent granted in Europe

    The European Patent Office (EPO) has issued a granted patent regarding patent application for the use and formulation of buccal films based on alginate. The grant of the patent with number 1976562 will be published by EPO's European Patent Bulletin on 21st of February 2018.



Status project K-03

Last patient is dosed in Karessa's clinical study (Phase I) with K-03 Vardenafil buccal film. Final results from the study will be reported in the beginning of April 2018.

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Karessa in Life Science Sweden

Karessa and CEO Michael Brobjer are mentioned in an article about this year's Pharma Outsourcing.

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Karessa's work is mentioned

New article about Karessa's unique platform and development work with drugs to treat erectile dysfunction.

Read the article (in Swedish) ”Utvecklar läkemedel mot impotens” 
(December 2017)

undefined40 per cent of all 40-year-old men are affected

40 per cent of all 40-year-old men suffer from erectile dysfunction, i.e. the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to enable successful intercourse. The reasons may be physical, mental, or a combination of both. The biggest underlying factors include age, other medications and lifestyle.

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