Karessa's aim is to build a small cost-effective organisation with a high level of internal competence and capacity. In order to create the maximum flexibility and efficiency, external resources within, among other things, characterisation, manufacturing, clinic, medicine and regulatory processes will be contracted on a specific needs basis. In addition, consultants are hired for finance, administration, IT and legal matters.

The number of employees at Karessa is three. The company's employees have experience from several of relevant areas for the business: the development of medicinal products, regulatory compliance, business development/commercialisation, financing and management. The employees' experience comes from previous involvement and leading positions in the pharmaceutical industries. One of the staff is the inventor of the patented film, Fredrik Hübinette, in a role as Chief Strategy Officer focusing on product and project development.

Scientific advisers

Stefan Arver and Scott Boyer the members of the board and direct, evaluate and assure the scientific strategy within the Company.

Stefan Arver is an Associate Professor in Endocrinology and Patient Flow Manager at ANOVA (Andrology, Sexual ­Medicine and Trans medicine) at the Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, Sweden.

Scott Boyer has a great deal of experience from various senior positions with Astra Zeneca and Pfizer within research and development including Global Head, Molecular Toxicology and Chief Scientist.